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10 EASY Parkour Spots YOU Must Know – Rainbow Six Siege

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Do you need some easy parkour spots for Rainbow Six Siege? Well let’s show you! As in this video I give you 10 EASY Parkour Spots YOU Must Know for Rainbow Six Siege. There are a variety of parkour spots that all give you different advantages and throughout this Rainbow Six gameplay I’m going to give you the top 10 simple ones to pull off with these Rainbow Six Siege tips and tricks. In addition to this I’ll show you different examples for every one of the 10 parkour spots in R6. Overall by the end of this video you will know the top ten simple parkour spots in Rainbow 6.

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Introduction: 0:00
Kanal Printer Spot: 1:45
Consulate Mini Ledge Spot: 2:27
Oregon White Van Vault: 3:10
Border Archives Spot: 3:56
Theme Park Railing Spot: 4:45
Theme Park Arcade Spot: 5:26
Border Ledge Parkour: 6:03
Kafe Spawnpeek Spot: 6:43
Bank Skylight Spot: 7:27
Theme Park Spawnpeek Spot: 7:58

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