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The ULTIMATE 2019 Guide for Maverick – Rainbow Six Siege

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In this video I will be showing you how to play Maverick in Rainbow Six Siege. I will teach you the various advanced strategies for opening reinforcements and similar techniques. I will also be guiding you on how to win with Maverick as well as showing you the best Tips and Tricks for him throughout this Rainbow Six Siege gameplay. I will be teaching you about his loadout, his ability and more. By the end of this video you should fully understand the operator Maverick and the different strategies to use with him.

Time Stamps:
Maverick’s Loadout: 0:28
Who Maverick Can Counter Directly: 1:55
How To Pressure The Enemy With Maverick: 2:55
How To Stop Bandit Tricking With Maverick: 3:37
Opening Up A Full Reinforcement With Maverick: 4:11
Vaulting Through A Maverick Hole: 5:00
How To Counter Mira With Maverick: 5:26
Opening Hatches With Maverick: 5:55
Opening Reinforced Hatches With Maverick: 6:18
A Claymore Trick: 6:35

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