5 Mistakes YOU Need To Stop Before The NEW Season – Rainbow Six Siege

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Are you making these mistakes in Rainbow Six Siege? As in this video I show you 5 mistakes that you need to stop making in Rainbow Six Siege. I will be teaching you on how you can stop making these mistakes and improve from them throughout this Rainbow Six gameplay. In addition to this I will show you how you can take advantage of peeker’s advantage and use it to increase your movement during gunfights in Siege with these Rainbow 6 tips and tricks. Overall this video will help you to stop making those mistakes and learn from it in Rainbow 6 Siege

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Introduction: 0:05
Peeking Too Slow: 0:57
Overpeeking Angles: 3:19
Not Being Efficient in The Prep Phase: 5:12
Not Rotating/Making Smart Decisions: 6:16
Planting in Bad Spots: 7:31

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