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Comparing All NEW SIGHTS in Shadow Legacy – Rainbow Six siege

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In this video I compare all of the major new sights in Rainbow Six Siege for Operation Shadow Legacy. For each sight I explain the different pros and cons, the peripheral vision it offers and the reticle itself. I start off with the new red dot sight and then dive into more new ones including the holographic, 1.5x sight, 2x sight, 2.5x and lastly the 3x sight. If you’re looking for all the info on the new sights and which ones are the strongest then this is the video for you!

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Comparing All New Sights in Shadow Legacy Intro: 0:00
What are the Brand New Scopes?: 1:20
Why The Acog Got Nerfed: 2:20
Brand New Red Dot Scope: 2:45
A New Holographic Scope: 2:58
The Pros And Cons: 3:00
The 1.5X Scope Pros and Cons: 4:54
What Are the Pros and Cons of the 2X?: 6:20
Should You Run the 2.5X scope: 7:08
Is the 3X Scope Going to Make DMRs Viable?: 8:06
Which Operators Have What Scopes?: 9:04

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