Hookah & Billiards Defense Strat

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How to defend in Rainbow Six Siege? In this series, I’ll show you some solid strats for different popular bomb sites on various maps. Useful especially for premade 5-man stacks. This time it’s going to be Coastline Hookah & Billiards bomb sites.

I feel like there might be a lot of teams who are a bit lost how to play certain sites as defender in Rainbow Six Siege. At least me and my home premade squad are some times. Also a lot of people (including my friends) don’t want to watch 20 minutes long videos with a lot of explaining what to do. So I figured this kind of shortened version of the full team setup for a certain bomb site could be useful.

So here is a full squad setup & defense strat how to defend Coastline Hookah & Billiards site with all the needed information. Which operators to pick, which walls to reinforce, gadget / utility placements, rotation holes and spots to play for each operator.

The setup is a mixture of watching Rainbow Six Siege ESL Pro League, personal experience and watching other Siege content creators.

0:09 Operators
0:29 Reinforcements
0:57 Gadget & Utility Placements
1:01 Castle Barricades
1:26 Mute Jammers
1:57 Jäger ADS
2:22 Deployable Shield
2:33 Barbed Wire
2:46 Bulletproof Cams
3:07 Rotation Holes & Other Preparations
3:10 Rotations
3:46 Barricades
4:08 Operator Play Positions

Music of this vid:
Slow Move – Maiwan
Miss Ya (Instrumental Version) – Craig Reever


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