How To Prep Site Like a PRO Team | Club House CCTV & Cash

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Totally new type of video in my channel. I would appreciate any comments if you liked the video and if you guys would like to see more of these?

The idea started basically from my own needs. I feel like there might be a lot of teams who are a bit lost how to play a certain site. At least me and my home premade squad are some times. Also a lot of people (including my friends) don’t want to watch 20 minutes long videos with a lot of explaining what to do. So I figured this kind of shortened version of the full team setup for a certain bomb site could be useful.

So here is a full squad setup how to defend Club House CCTV / Cash site with all the needed information. Which operators to pick, which walls to reinforce, gadget / utility placements, rotation holes and spots to play for each operator.

Majority of the strats are taken from Pro League matches and especially inspired from the Season X finals match which was held between Natus Vincere vs. Team Reciprocity. Here is the similar Navi Club House CCTV / Cash setup:

Lineup is a bit different though. I chose not to use Echo because he gets banned a lot and Mute brings valuable intel denial to the table while being able to block the CCTV outer wall like Bandit.

Also huge thanks to Kaosx for the great Mute Jammer setup! Check out his channel here:


0:09 Operators
0:33 Reinforcements
1:49 Gadget & Utility Placements
1:52 Mute Jammers
2:25 Deployable Shield
2:33 Evil Eye Placements
3:15 Barbed Wire Locations
3:40 Jäger ADS Placements
4:08 Valkyrie Black Eye Cam Placements
5:12 Rotation Holes & Other Preparations
6:06 Operator Play Positions

Music of this vid:
Wait 4 – Keppel Skies
Pablo IV – Keppel Skies

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