New Tips and Tricks for Operation Void Edge! – Rainbow Six Siege

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Looking for some tips and tricks for the new season? In this video I give you 5 tips and tricks that will help you with the new operation void edge in Rainbow Six Siege. I will be teaching you on how you can learn the newly reworked map Oregon throughout this Rainbow Six gameplay. This is explained through a certain method which transfers this knowledge to your long term memory in Siege. Overall these tips and tricks will allow you to get ahead of the game for when the new season does release in Rainbow 6.

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Introduction: 0:05
Attacker’s Drone Spawn: 0:30
A New Change to the DMRs: 1:35
Learning the New Oregon: 2:20
Goyo is for Denial Only: 3:45
Iana Can Help With Safer Rushes: 4:15

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