The ACOG is No Longer the META and Here’s Why – Rainbow Six Siege

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The Acog has always been the most prestigious sight in Rainbow Six Siege. You always knew to use it. Today I show you why that’s no longer the case. The meta for the different sights is changing but how does that benefit you and how do you adapt? If you’re looking for the story behind it and the reality of it now, this is the video for you!

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The ACOG is No Longer the META and Here’s Why Intro: 0:00
The Story of The Acog Sight: 0:50
Acog VS Holo: 1:54
Should You Fully Switch Away From the Acog?: 3:27
What Are the Benefits of Not Using An Acog Sight: 5:10
So What Sight Should You Use?: 7:20

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