Detailed Description of Yana, Oryx Oregon Rework From an Insider

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Earlier, we showed you some very interesting information about operators in Year 5 Season 1 2 and 3. The Year 5 will be announced in two days, but we have very juicy insider information for you guys. Two of these individuals have played the new Operation Void Edge and they have described all of the detailes, guns, abilities, mechanics for the new operators, which are Oryx and Yana. Enjoy.

Yana: Attcking Operator with the G36C, ARX200

Yana can activate her hologram (and control it as if you play as the hologram) with middle click, and do whatever she wants except shoot and throw grenades for a couple of seconds (there’s also a yellow tint and a meter for the time left like warden’s glasses. The Hologram has 1HP and Operators don’t get detected when you shoot the hologram. Other than that I think there’s no other way to tell if it’s a copy or the real thing. Recharge always starts from zero regardless of when you leave the hologram.

Her Gadget
Can confirm the leaks of a hologram, She has essentially a controllable Alibi Prisma. She can run around with it, vault objects, sprint and crouch, she cannot shoot or melee, and if it gets shot at all it is destroyed. It has a cooldown (about 15-20s) similar to cav’s and does not seem to have a limit. The gadget has a timer but I never ran it dry, I assume you get disconnected/destroyed when it runs out. it also did not seem to have any range, but again, I never went too far away with it.

Oryx: Defending Operator with the MP5, Spas-12 Bailiff .410 and USP .40.

Oryx can hold on to and jump up hatches.

Oryx has charges for running into a wall, that recharges on a system like lesion’s. Running into a wall puts your gun away and you sprint pretty fast, straight forward. You can’t run through reinforcements but running through a soft wall deals 10HP of damage to you. I’m not sure about/if there’s damage on contact with another player. I’m also not sure if running into another player gives nomad’s knockback effect.

Oryx has deployable cam and barb wire. Iana has frag and smoke

Icons: Their icons are purple, Oryx’s is a ram and Iana’s is a woman with puffy hair.

Oregon Rework: The reworked map is Oregon. part of the inside slightly resembles hereford.

Tachanka: We have covered the Tachanka rework before

Fuze: This we have also covered before and weve said that Fuze will have an ability to use his fuze charge through reinforced walls. Read more about it here.

Oregon Rework
-Kitchen is connected to tower now
-The connector between dorms and tower now has it’s dorm-side wall moved and does not need to be destroyed to access anymore.
-Main entrance seems the same
-Dorms was changed a bit, it’s pretty similar.
-Tower side of the basement seems to be similar, but it felt unfamiliar, so it was likely changed a bit.
-Map seems more ‘farm-ey’ and the top down view before the operator select screen was ‘green-er’ (more grass)
-There were a lot of spawn peeks, each round had one (I didn’t get spawnpeeked) I don’t know where they were, but the people who did them seemed pretty excited, so they’re probably cheeky.
The insider did not go down the laundry side of basement, he didn’t know what was changed. Nor did I even enter the kitchen area.

Other info and changes
Nokk now has frags, replaces Breaching charges.

Castle has the Super Shorty secondary shotgun (SASR one, not the GEO one)

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